Mama and the Leech

When I was in 9th grade in Lebanon, I had this friend named Ryan. I'm not sure how we got close in the first place, but we just clicked one year. He and I weren't friends for very long (I moved to Canada after 9th grade and I think he moved to the US) but... Continue Reading →


I've been working on a post for two days, the draft of which I started like two years ago. But it's not rounding out the way I want it to. Ever want to tell a story that has multiple facets, and you can't bloody figure out which ones you want to focus on? Or, worse... Continue Reading →


I'm feeling good. I tend to not always vocalize when I'm feeling upbeat because my brain tells me that as soon as I say it, something horrible will happen that will destroy everything. I never want that, obviously. But I'm feeling good these days. And I'm happy. And that's all.

You’re Welcome for the Earworm

Sometimes songs I haven't heard in practically decades get stuck in my head, and I end up digging them up on YouTube for a merry trip down Nostalgia Lane. Yesterday was one such occasion. First, some back story: When I was really young, we had this tape featuring an Egyptian lady named Maha Abu Ouf.... Continue Reading →


I got this from Greg Fallis, whose post you can check out right here. Feel free to check out the rest of his blog, he's both hilarious and insightful! I just figured I'd go along with his post and also answer the following questions (These are what John Lipton from Inside the Actor's Studio asks... Continue Reading →

A Conversation I Might Have

- What do you on your phone all the time? - Oh, I read...about Palestine, about Syria, about massacres, about Donald Trump, about religious fundamentalists of every stripe, about injustice, about abuse of power, about whatever other general bits of awfulness. - Oh. - And then I get angry at everything and then harbor it... Continue Reading →

What I Get for Being a Squeaky Wheel

I live in a pretty cool apartment complex. It's quite new, and they seem to pride themselves on taking good care of their tenants. Usually, it seems like they do. So when I called the front office asking if they could have maintenance come around and fix a bit of a leaky shower-head, I was... Continue Reading →


Today, I saw a video of three brothers in Aleppo, Syria.¬†One brother died before their eyes at the hospital. They were all children, tear-streaked faces covered in thick, gray dust. Their devastated mother walked every step to the cemetery cradling her shrouded dead son like a baby. Today, I read a letter by the father... Continue Reading →

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