For You, Mom:

My mom is the most admirable woman I know.

She has the kind of inner strength that I can’t even describe. Strength I only wish to have even a fifth of.

Inside thumps a heart that can read your own like poetry…the light, the dark, the joy, the despair…they rise like flames in their own dance, marking her soul without ever having to utter a word.


Her love is endless, her forgiveness boundless. Because of her, I don’t know what it is to hold a grudge. Because of her, I know what it means when love conquers all.

No matter how she’s hurting, or for how long, she will come back cradling the good close to her heart, and draining the bad away behind her. I don’t know how she does it, but she finds the strength to do that all the time. All. The. Time.

Nothing makes her happier than seeing her family fly. That was all she ever wanted for us: To spread our wings and jump, only to soar. Even if we never looked back…

There is not a person who met her that did not love her. (Those who have tried to hurt her, still saw her for who she was. But some people can’t see light without trying to put it out. In return, she has only ever shone brighter).

She is fierce. She is honest. She is brave and courageous. (Cowardice is almost as detestable as dishonesty). She takes nothing sitting down, and never has. My mom stands out. You’ll know it when you meet her. Like the crown jewel, you can’t help but see her glow. She draws you in with her warmth, sincerity and radiant heart.

My mother is the most perceptive person I know. Her innate ability to read people from the inside out is astonishing. If you have ulterior motives or many faces, she sees it. She finds it painful and difficult to understand, but she sees it. Always.

She loves learning and reading. Whatever strikes her interest, she sits and reads about it. I love that. The desire to learn more about the world around her is unceasing.

When I think about my mom, her whole life, I know she needs her own book. I wouldn’t even know where to begin.

Mom, if anyone got lucky in the parental role model department, it’s me. It’s us. I don’t know anyone like you and I know I never will. To know you are mine and I am yours is a gift beyond what I can thank God for. I’ve been wrapped in someone so wonderful, so strong, unique, and principled. I was born to a pure soul, and covered every moment by your love, in every single one of its eternal forms.

Nothing more could ever be asked. I love you, Mom. Thank you for all that you are.



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