About a Dinosaur Named Rara

The other day, I read something that made me wonder how much awfulness can one person take.

See, about a year ago, I stumbled on Rarasaur and her blog, and I knew I found something really special.

Rarasaur stood out to me from the get-go, and it was the first time in a long time that I liked someone’s writing enough to go through their entire archives. (I even managed to get about halfway through them).

She is so kind, funny and philosophical. She’s a soul who seems to be floating, toes barely grazing the ground, but fiercely intelligent, protective, imaginative and loving. Her posts are a mix of philosophy, personal stories, drawings and musings. She stands out. She is Lovely and she is Different, in every good meaning of the term. She is a deep well of spirituality and her uniqueness and heart shines through her words. You knew she had been through many hardships, but she’s never trite or preachy

I was happy to have found her, and looked forward to her updates. I thought it was even cooler that—although her follower count was high—she still somehow managed to follow me back.

Everything seemed to be going great (or at least well enough)…until this post. Which I suggest you read now. [The link is now broken since Ra’s been out, but it was the link that announced she would be going to jail, falsely accused of embezzlement]

It was crazy, and it seemed to hit everyone out of the blue. How could this happen to someone like Rara? I never thought I’d see something like that played out before me…or as before me as it could be with thousands of miles and a computer screen between us.

But she has proven herself strong and resilient. She turned her experience into a fascinating peek into jail and prison life, without an ounce of self-pity. Her husband, Dave, (aka Grayson Queen–an artist and author) took up managing her blog, updating readers, publishing her letters from prison and sharing her mailing address for people to send care packages.

Dave has been through a lot without Rara around, the stress and anguish of having his wife in prison not being the least of it. It seemed like he was making do the best he knew how. Rara herself was immensely worried about him because he’s diabetic and on a special diet, and she was his support…and he hers.

It’s been hard, and she’s still in jail, hopefully her release will be in November. The end is in sight. Dave hadn’t updated her blog since last December, where she wrote about celebrating having only one more year to go, and listing all the things she wanted to do in that time.

Although I noticed that the blog had gone quiet, I wasn’t too worried because I knew Dave had to be very busy, and Rara can’t always communicate on a regular basis from jail.

Then, two days ago, I find this post

And I think…what the hell?



    1. I know, it’s sad. I hope she’ll be okay…I hope to hear from her soon when she’s out in a few more months. I don’t know if you clicked the links or not, but her husband passed away. His last blog post was a short one mentioning going to the ER for a “bad infection”. It seemed pretty painful, but I didn’t detect much in terms of worry. I’m not sure if it ended up being what took him.


      1. My reaction was for the death of her husband. As if their lives needed anymore issues. I didn’t know what happened to him. I read most of your links, but not that one I guess. I thought it may have had something to do with his diabetes. :(:(:(


  1. I found out only yesterday, and I feel the same way about it: this shouldn’t have happened to those people, this shouldn’t have happened to Rara. She is so wonderful, after all she had been through already she should have come out of prison in November, to be happy with Dave ever after. =( All I want now is to hug her tight (which, unfortunately, is impossible from here) and let her know we’re thinking about her – and even that is difficult. I don’t even want to think about how lonely she must be now ='(


    1. My sentiments exactly. Stuff like this shouldn’t be dumped on the head of someone like Rara. It’s so awful. I hope she’ll be okay in the end. She seems like a strong soul that will pull through. She’ll need all the support she can get.

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    1. Hi Ra, I’m so glad you’re doing all right…even though I know “doing all right” can have a myriad of meanings. I still read you all the time. Thank you for coming by here, and thank you for continuing to show the very special kind of person you are, even when it gets so hard. *Hugs*

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