To My Father:

My dad…I don’t think there is much of anyone on this planet who can come close to who he is, what he is and what he stands for.

My father can have a strong, tough exterior, but on the inside beats a heart made of the finest, hand-blown glass. He has a belly laugh that comes from the deepest recesses of his being. You can’t help but laugh just as hard. (I’m pretty sure I inherited my own freakishly long laughing fits from him).

His love for children is unsurpassed. Kids are attracted to him like magnets, and he speaks their language like he’s never forgotten it since his own childhood.

He is incredibly fierce, honest, loyal, and strong. He stands true to his scruples and never wavers. Although many may find his stance and demeanor intimidating, he is always, always respected. They know when they ask for my dad by name, they are asking for invaluable knowledge, honesty, straightforwardness, and experience that cannot be duplicated. The amount of trust put in him by everyone he knows is unbelievable, and that is because he can hold it all and more.

My father’s back has never bent, not to a single soul.dadandme

He takes care of everyone, and asks for nothing in return—even refuses to acknowledge a thank you. To him, it’s responsibility, and duty, and there is no need for anyone to applaud him.

My dad has the driest, quickest sense of humor. His powers of observation are uncanny, and he can kill you with laughter in no time. At the same time, he isn’t above being self-deprecating, almost too much so at times.

He is always, always there for you. I’ve never seen anyone work so damn hard at so many things (work that can drain your heart and soul into nothingness) and yet be able to drop it all for a single phone call from one of us.

He is, by far, the hardest worker I know.

A single hug from him, and you feel a tsunami of love echoing through him, though he rarely ever says it out loud.

His advice is solid and strong, and never preachy. When he lays out what he believes is a good course of action, it is never a command. It is only what his experience taught him, and he passes it on to us.

I miss him every day, since now I’m settling down in the States while he’s still working in the Gulf. But I feel his strength, wisdom and love every minute.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad. You broke the mold when you came into this life, and this doesn’t cover a fraction of what you mean to me. I’m eternally grateful for you and all that you are. I love you so much.



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