I got an email at work that turned out to be a voicemail audio, coupled with an automatic speech-to-text transcript. (My work email and phone is all interconnected and such). It was from the project manager I’m currently working with.

When the email first loaded, the audio player was nowhere to be found so I thought it was just your average block of text. So I read it.

To say I was baffled is a bit of an understatement:


“Hi Hala this is not again care of that we’re going out and did not feel to do this morning and it will be but I looked at at heart chapter call trees are trying over again would you mind sending me an email with her phone number again III promise I am yesterday and I forwarded so I’d never used it.

And then summertime reach out to her today and also like crescent under print opening and how much time if you can reach out to her also one box I leave for dollars today.

But you can also call me on my cell phone I’m at [number] and thanks for your help I will talk to you later bye.”

Guess I should be extra grateful that I’m not deaf.


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