Ni L’un Ni L’autre

I’ve been listening to a lot of music lately (which is different in precisely no way from the norm) and thought I’d start sharing some of my favorite tunes.

Recently I’ve been really delving into Stromae’s latest album, Racine Carrée, and it’s a wonderful piece of work. There isn’t a single song on there that I don’t listen to, it’s that bloody good.

This is one of my many favorites. (You’ll have to forgive the sudden appearance of The Cranberries at the end):

(For a really decent translation plus context, check this out. Just click on each highlighted line as you go through).

I love Stromae’s use of clever puns and homonyms—he’s quite a talented master of language. His ability to expertly maneuver through some of those lyrics without tripping over his tongue is kind of amazing. It makes me wish I was fluent in French so I could more readily absorb those significant little nuances.

I really love a good social commentary, and only more so when it’s from a different culture and language. Stromae fulfills that with flair.


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