Today, I saw a video of three brothers in Aleppo, Syria. One brother died before their eyes at the hospital. They were all children, tear-streaked faces covered in thick, gray dust. Their devastated mother walked every step to the cemetery cradling her shrouded dead son like a baby.

Today, I read a letter by the father of a convicted rapist, asking the judge for leniency for his son. He reasons that his offspring, who raped an unconscious woman behind a Dumpster at a frat party, has been through so much already. He is no longer his carefree self. He even refuses to eat his favorite foods—like steak. His son’s victim, however, was alluded only once, in the following phrase: “20 minutes of action”.

Today, I watched a video detailing how the US holds more prisoners than literally every other country in the world, with the vast majority of prisoners being minorities. America: 5% of the world’s population. 25% of the world’s prisoners.

Today, I realized none of this surprises me. It’s all been done before. But all of it still angers me. I cried.

Today, I will go to bed safe. I will go to bed secure. I will have run-of-the-mill dreams. I will wake up tomorrow and start another day, like any other.

I will not have to worry about missiles landing on my house.

I will not worry about being raped. Not in my house, anyways.

I will not be under any of the stress that comes with being in prison.

But I will know and I will remember. I will always remember.



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