What I Get for Being a Squeaky Wheel

I live in a pretty cool apartment complex. It’s quite new, and they seem to pride themselves on taking good care of their tenants. Usually, it seems like they do.

So when I called the front office asking if they could have maintenance come around and fix a bit of a leaky shower-head, I was expecting a 10-minute quick fix. Not a thirteen-day ordeal.

But that’s what happened.

Thirteen days without a working shower in my bathroom. Oh the shower itself stopped working? Yes, indeed it did.

That one leaky shower-head turned into “We have to replace the entire valve in the shower”. Which meant ordering parts. Which meant that, somehow, trying to fit those ordered parts didn’t work. Which meant other stuff about cracking a hole through the wall and replacing tiles and drywall and such and at this point I was just smiling politely and nodding along.  (I mean, what else does one do at that point? They were doing their best and the glory of renting apartments means you’re not paying extra for shower-fixing).

It would have been a real bloody nightmare if the complex wasn’t nice enough to give us a key to an (obviously unoccupied) 1-bedroom apartment to use the shower there. And then my cousin/roommate left to Lebanon for a few weeks shortly after the shower stopped working so we could use her bathroom. (We are currently three people living in a 2-bedroom/2-bathroom that became a 2-bedroom/1-bathroom)

So things could have been a hell of a lot worse, is what I’m saying. Still.

Thirteen days for…One. Leaky. Shower-head.

Maintenance guys were really sweet and super-apologetic though, so I wasn’t mad. I knew it would be done in the end, and it wasn’t their fault anyways. Plus, it’s finally working good as new! (With the added bonus of no leaking, I may add).

Now I’m wondering when the front office will start asking for that extra apartment key back…


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